Meaning of MMS SMS, How Both Are Different From Each Other


What is SMS?

Short Message Service is abbreviated as SMS, commonly known as text messaging. Earlier, we could only send up to 160 characters, and Every single message costs money, but with improvement in technology, this service was changed to many surfaces. When calling is not required, people use SMS to communicate with one another.

Except for phone calls, sms mms was another way to convey something to others, allowing only 160 characters of the message. Still, the technology kept improving, and new features were added.

According to a report, over 6 billion SMS are sent regularly worldwide.


What is MMS?

Multimedia Messaging Services abbreviated as MMS. It is a type of communication technology that enables the transmission of Multimedia content such as Images, Audio, Videos via text. MMS is not restricted to 160 characters to be sent at a time. One can send up to 1600 characters with multi-media. It also contains formatted text fonts, so in MMS, you can also colour or highlight the necessary text or keyword. Both phones must have this service enabled to send MMS from one device to another.

MMS is a complete file. It does not include multiple attachments. The large MMS requires at least a 3-G connection, while shorter files can be sent using 2-G technology GPRS network. One of the handiest uses of MMS is that companies use it to send MMS SMS to their clients, employees, or agents. This might include news articles, entertainment, weather reports, etc.


Difference between SMS & MMS.

Though both have some similarities, they also differ in many regards. Some of the differences are:

  1. Accessibility: Not every cell phone is meant to send MMS, so if you send an MMS to a device that is not MMS enabled, the message received will be a plane or blank text. Also, both the sender and the receiver required a data package to communicate via MMS. SMS does not need any data package, and every cell phone has SMS services enabled.
  2. Length of Message: The SMS messages are restricted to 160 characters, while MMS does not limit them. Also, MMS allows you to embed media files like audio, video, and images, but SMS doesn’t.
  3. Business use: Companies widely use SMS to promote their upcoming products; businesses also use SMS to wish on important dates to their clients. 

Companies use MMS texting for various purposes like announcing new product launches with images or GIFs sending audios and videos for promotional purposes.


Nowadays, texting is becoming more vibrant, but not with SMS but using OTT messaging service, which is used in smartphones; OTT messaging gives you the advantage of sending more than one file, audio, video, and document at a time with high quality and requires an active internet connection. According to some reports, SMS are still very much used for communication; worldwide, over 5 billion SMS are sent every day. Unsurprisingly SMS and MMS have become standard marketing tools for the business world. Businesses often use MMS SMS to promote their products and increase their brand value.